my mac is back…

so happy to have my mac up and working again.  Spent the week using an old, VERY SLOW laptop that would not let me upload pictures.  Trying to update the blog was just too frustrating!

Galen and I left yesterday to spend 4 days in Hilton Head, SC with his parents and siblings.  It is an adults only trip to celebrate his parents 40th wedding anniversary.  We are having the best time!  My day started with breakfast at Panera, shopping with my MIL and sister in laws, and now we are relaxing in the beautiful house we are staying in.  It is so beautiful here…good thing we left our kids in South Texas or else we might never want to go back. ;)

As soon as I track down the cord that I need… I’ll upload some pictures.

Happy Saturday…



2 thoughts on “my mac is back…

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