Our Second Annual “Back to School Dinner”…

the table…


the highlight of the evening…”sparkly” grape juice…


Galen giving a toast to the “best looking kids in all of Texas”…


Mackenzie waiting for the best part…


Saying “cheers”…


jackorange(no, his front teeth aren’t rotten…just missing:)


Our verse for the year…


Our goals…we had fun reading our goals from last year and then setting new ones…


Jackson, Mackenzie, and Tucker each prayed for their teacher..


A really fun evening together before the busyness of the school year begins.  So thankful for my kiddos and for the opportunity to enjoy this stage of life with them…looking forward to pre-k, Kindergarten, and 2nd grade.:)



11 thoughts on “Our Second Annual “Back to School Dinner”…

  1. OK….first of all glad to see Galen’s shirt!! Secondly, what kind of back to school meal includes peas?? That’s cruel and unusual punishment!! (Did I mention I abhor peas??!! :-)) Seriously, looks like fun. What a great tradition!!

  2. so cute Jenn…I wanted to do this with the kids last night, but have been sick…will try to tonight…praying all is well with you. Love you all!

  3. THis is such a neat tradition, what a great idea! It is going to be my goal to do something like this with our family, thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this idea! You will have to blog about it in early August next year as a reminder for all the mommies out there that want to steal your great ideas!

  5. That is so awesome Jennifer! I need to sit down with you for coffee and you can go over your list of really awesome ideas that you want to share :)

  6. What a beautiful tradition you have started in your household Jennifer! This is something the kids were remember for a lifetime and may carry the tradition w/their own families when they’re older.

  7. I agree with Katie that maybe you could remind us all next year? :) This is such a neat tradition that your kids will NEVER forget. Just wonderful! And thanks for sharing with us!

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