Sleepless in South Texas…

this one…


…lost a tooth last Friday (his third).  He went to bed Thursday night with it “hanging by a thread” and woke up on Friday morning with the tooth on his pillow.:)  Now this kid has a serious belief in the tooth fairy…I think it has something to do with the fact that the tooth fairy equals $money$ and Jackson LOVES money!:)

Here is our conversation right before bed that night:

Jackson- “Mom, what would you suggest as the best way to put my tooth under my pillow so I can MAKE SURE that the tooth fairy can find it”?

Me-  “Well, if your worried about it getting lost because it is so small, you can put in in a small Ziploc bag.

Jackson- “Okay, that’s a great idea.”

So, he gets a ziploc bag and then the next thing I hear is water running in the bathroom and then Jackson starting to cry.  He decided that he wanted his tooth to be nice and clean for the tooth fairy, but while he was “cleaning his tooth” it went down the drain.  Poor kid, I felt so bad for him.  So I suggested that we write a note to the tooth fairy to let her know what had happened.  His note said something like this:

Dear Toothfairy,

I lost a tooth this morning.  It accidentally went down the drain

while I was rinsing it off.  Thank you for understanding.




He put the note under his pillow and went to bed.  Galen left to go to a movie with a friend and reminded me to not forget to put the money under Jackson’s pillow.  Well, guess what I forgot to do??  The next thing I know it is 2:30am and Jackson is at the side of our bed telling Galen that he can’t sleep because he is worried that the tooth fairy isn’t going to come.:(  I’m laying there thinking…I need to stay awake and as soon as I think he has fallen to sleep I need to get up and put the money under his pillow.

Well, I fall asleep of course but then miraculously wake up at 4:30am…I get up and tiptoe downstairs to get the money.  As I am walking back up the stairs with the money in my hand, I look up and there is Jackson standing at the top of the stairs…wide awake!  I hide the money behind my back and ask him what is wrong?  He tells me that the tooth fairy still hasn’t come and he is so worried that she won’t because he lost his tooth.  (This is getting rediculous…I know!)  So, I tell him to lay back down and I will rub his back to help him fall asleep.  While I am rubbing his back I manage to get the note out from under his pillow and slip the money in.

One hour later he is at the side of my bed all smiles.  He shows me what the tooth fairy has brought him and I tell him how great that is, but that he NEEDS to go back to bed.  He manages to sleep for about two hours…unbelievable.  Hopefully it will be a long time before he loses another tooth.  I need to recover from this one!


P.S.  I know…I know…”Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”  Believe me…I Know! ;)


8 thoughts on “Sleepless in South Texas…

  1. we have more than once had to go “check” and see if zoe missed it somehow, all the while sliding something under her pillow. what craziness!

  2. That is so funny!! CM hardly ever remembers to check to see if the tooth fairy came. We have just the opposite situation here. She ruins all our fun!! :-)

  3. We didn’t get to hear this story in person (too much craziness by you know who) – I smiled so big just now reading it. I love your sweet son – he is such a rule-follower! I’m so glad both he and Mia can patrol everything for us! And what a great story to share at his rehearsal dinner someday.

  4. That’s hilarious…of course Jackson had to be the one to lose his tooth down the drain…reminds me of when we took him fishing in CO and poor guy was the only one who couldn’t catch a fish after it took all the other kids about 2 minutes to catch one. He was so mad and then ended up catching one with no bait, just the hook!

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