little things…


Do little things as if they were great because of the

majesty of Jesus Christ who dwells in you;

and do great things as if they were little and easy

because of His omnipotence.

~Blaise Pascal

…my kitchen table that needs wiping down at least 3 times a day…a “little thing” that I am trying to do “greatly” because in serving my family I serve my Heavenly Father.



6 thoughts on “little things…

  1. Awesome reminder…sometimes the little things seem so small, but to Him, they are great. My favorite song that my girls listen to is, “If you want to be great in God’s kingdom, learn to be a servant of all.” So true.

  2. Friend,

    Your kitchen table inspires me. How pretty. I miss coming over to your house and seeing all the little touches of beauty everywhere…

  3. You always have the perfect quotes, verses, or inspirational word…..exactly what I am needing to hear. I knew God put you in my life for a reason! You are truly a blessing!

  4. Note to self: please stop complaining about sweeping the floor all the time. Not only am I reminded to be a servant to my family–and my precious babies entrusted to my care by God. But I’m also reminded that someday I’ll wish they were young enough to put all those crumbs there just one more time. :-)

  5. Boy, do I need to remember that. Brother Lawrence’s book “Practicing The Presence of God” talks about living like that. If we can wipe the table for the glory of God, then ALL becomes the glory of God. Thanks for the challenge.

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