a change of plans and a photo shoot…

…we decided yesterday that we are not going to make the trip to Colorado.  Our A/C is giving us a little trouble and adding another 12 hours of driving to our trip just started to seem a little daunting.  So we are going to spend the next few days right here in Nebraska.  We are having such a wonderful time and the weather has been so beautiful that we are content to just be here for a little longer.:)

Yesterday I did a little photo shoot with my niece Emmery for another one of my mother in law’s dresses.  We had so much fun and she is such a little doll…


As we were getting her ready we realized that she had outgrown her black dress shoes, but my mother in law decided that barefeet would be just fine.  Well Emmery had a perfect solution for a pair of shoes to match her dress…her purple crocs.:)


Don’t know if that look will make the website..but it sure was cute.:)  Thanks for being such a great little model Emmery…Aunt Jenn had so much fun with you.



4 thoughts on “a change of plans and a photo shoot…

  1. Hey Jenn! Not sure if your trip in NE includes any Omaha time but if so, and if you happen to have any extra time, we’d love to see you guys! Even if just for a lunch or something. No pressure, obviously….I know time is valuable and family is priority! :)

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