Want to know how hot it is in Texas???

Yesterday afternoon I went out to the front yard to pick something up that had fallen. As I was bending down I lost my footing and put my hand down on the driveway to catch my balance and I BURNED MY HAND! I am not exagerrating…I BURNED my hand. That is how hot the driveway was.  I had a small red blister thingy appear and it hurt the rest of the day. Seriously?? This heat is unbelievable…just plain unbelievable!


5 thoughts on “Want to know how hot it is in Texas???

  1. I just have to keep reminding myself how COLD it gets up north during the winter…I need some convincing lately!

  2. 103 Degrees! Hot places get hotter, cold places get colder, dry places get drier, and wet places get wetter – perhaps we need to move where mild places get milder…hmmmm

  3. I believe it. Walking through the parking lot, my flip flop came off because it GOT STUCK IN THE TAR! I just keep reminding myself that the other 8 or 9 months of the year we have perfect weather.

  4. Now you understand why I was freezing this past winter! And also, why I laugh at my friends (here in Virginia) that complain about the heat -WHATEVER – they do not know heat! It feels like spring in Texas right now – yes! Sorry to rub it in, but I do not miss the heat and sunburns (that do not necessarily come from the sun). :) ~liz

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