The photo shoot…

I think I have mentioned before that my wonderful mother in law has an online children’s clothing business called Kidz Kaffe.  Her custom made clothing is amazing and one of the best parts is that she uses her 22 grandkids as models.:)  She recently sent Mackenzie a new dress for her upcoming Black and White line and needed some pictures taken of Mackenzie in the dress.  So, thanks to the advice of the talented photographer Breanna Powers (thanks Bre!:), we found a great little spot downtown to take some pictures.  It was a perfect place…lots of great color to use as backgrounds.  Mackenzie did great and made her extremely NOVICE of a photographer mother look pretty good.:)  I’m hoping to get back down there with all the kids to attempt some pictures with all four of them….we’ll see if I can muster up the energy for that!  Here are a few of the pics…






6 thoughts on “The photo shoot…

  1. Jenn ~
    These pictures are darling, and Mackenzie looks so grown up in them! And, of course, Luann did such beautiful work on that precious dress!

  2. cutest model i’ve ever seen – and the photographer ain’t bad either – i never knew your mom was so talented! i miss ladies Bible study ;-(

    i’ve pretty much forgotten everybodies name – isn’t that sad?

  3. Jenn…your pics are great!! It’s not so hard when you have an adorable model!! The dresses are beautiful, too.

  4. Luann did a fabulous job as always…her work is amazing! Mackenzie looks so grown up and beautiful here…you did a great job with the pictures Jenn!

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