Sister’s shades…


This little guy is going in for surgery tomorrow to have tubes put in his ears.  Mackenzie had the same surgery done and I remember being so nervous.  This time my desire for Luke to finally be pain free and not dealing with ear infection after ear infection trumps my nervousness!

He turned eight months yesterday, and he is definitely on the move!  He also has quite the appetite!  With seven teeth he is eating whatever I put in front of him.  Last night is was avocado, cantaloupe, and small pieces of fajita chicken…he couldn’t get enough!!  I have to document this fact because my other three were born picky!  I am amazed by a child who will eat anything and eats so well.:)

After tomorrow, I am hoping that the next eight months of his life will be ear infection free…we’d appreciate your prayers…



5 thoughts on “Sister’s shades…

  1. We’ll be praying for sweet little Luke’s surgery to go well and that he will indeed be free from further infections and discomfort.

  2. I”m so glad that he will get some relief!!! I will pray for him.

    Reagan is the same way with eating. She ate watermelon this morning and grapefruit. ha!

  3. We’ll definitely be praying…it will be so nice for him and you both to have relief from those ear infections! I just have to say though how much he reminds me of Jackson…his hairline and face…just like his big bro!

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