Something we take very seriously in our house…


No tiny little bags of M&M’s from the checkout lane.  No way…we buy the 42 ounce bags.:)  The kids can’t imagine eating just popcorn for Friday night movie night.  It has to be popcorn and M&M’s.  Galen’s guilty pleasure is pretzels and M&M’s.   Me?  I just like to sneak in the pantry during the day and grab a few to satisfy my horrible sweet tooth.  It’s a sad day when we realize the bag is empty, and Galen’s been known to go to the store late at night to get more.  See what I mean?  Serious business.:)



4 thoughts on “Something we take very seriously in our house…

  1. that is the size bag we would buy of dark chocolate peanut m&ms. only we wouldn’t even share with the kids. serious addiction. only now sams doesn’t sell the big bag. it is starting to get desperate around here…whatever will we do?!?

  2. I’m glad those are at your house and not mine, Jenn! I would have a SERIOUSLY hard time staying away from them, especially if they are peanut m&ms! :) Don’t show me where they are even if I ask the next time I come over!

  3. I thought of you guys the other day as I was by myself watching Steffan’s gymnastics for 2 hours…I found an old bag of pretzel sticks in my bag and wouldn’t you know it one of my children left a snack size bag of M&M’s in my purse. I remembered you had said this was such a yummy combo so I dumped in the M&M’s and I tell you I couldn’t put the bag down. So good!

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