Since yesterday was such a success…

…I decided to attempt taking all four kids to the pool by myself today.  I’m a glutton for punishment.:)  However, we didn’t just survive, we actually had a great time!  Jackson had a blast in the big pool, Tucker and Mackenzie pretty much stuck to the kiddie pool and Luke and I just hung out on the steps keeping an eye on everyone.  It was great, really great.  Good memories with my kiddos.:)

I packed a picnic lunch for us to eat there and so by the time I remembered all of that…I forgot my camera.  I know this is the just the first of many trips to the pool…there will be many more photo opportunities.:)

However, here are a few more pictures from our Dallas trip…

_MG_1062The two redheads…:)

_MG_1065The seven year olds…:)

_MG_1074Ranger game!

_MG_1089The girls getting ready for a day at Six Flags…:)


_MG_1114They LOVED this ride!

_MG_1138Cooling off in the sprayers..:)

We had a great time!  I was with the younger kiddos doing the little kid rides and Galen was with Jackson riding the bigger rides so I didn’t get any pictures of them.  They had a great time though…they rode as many roller coasters as they could and Jackson loved every minute of it.  He is fearless when it comes to roller coasters!:)  Great memories…



2 thoughts on “Since yesterday was such a success…

  1. SO cute! I love Tuck’s little smile…you are so blessed to have such incredible in-laws! But I am too I suppose! :) Looks like you all had a great weekend!

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