Ready for Kinder…


Mackenzie graduated from Pre-school yesterday…Here she is with her graduation cap and her special flower from Daddy.:)  She is such a sweetie…We love her so much!  She ended her special day by going to Wal-Mart with Papa and Grandma to pick out a graduation treat…lotion, body spray, fake nails, and a Kit Kat.  The girl knows what she likes.:)

We are off to Dallas today to meet up with Galen’s family for a quick family vacation…13 adults and 22 kids will be descending on the “Big D”.  There will be golf, a Ranger’s game, Six Flags, swimming, and most importantly for our little graduate…a visit to the American Girl Store!

Be back with lots of pictures…



4 thoughts on “Ready for Kinder…

  1. there is an American Girl store in Dallas?
    that is not good for future visits as the girls get older.
    think I can hide that from them forever???

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