…so Wednesdays are my crazy day.  Lots of running around from first thing in the morning till 8pm.  Well, we were on our way to Jackson’s golf lesson… I just had the three boys with me because Mackenzie was playing at a friend’s house.  There is a Great Harvest Bread Company on the way to the golf course and if we have time we like to stop there to pick up a loaf of bread and to get a free slice of their pumpkin bread…so yummy!  So we quickly ran in, got our bread and slices, and hurried back to the van.  I had left the window partway down so instead of unlocking with my remote I just reached my hand in and unlocked the door…Big Mistake!  My alarm starting going off…for anyone who owns a Honda Odyssey you know how loud and annoying the alarm is.  It is just the horn beeping non stop!  So, I hit the unlock button on my remote which has worked in the past, but this time…no such luck.  I just keep pressing buttons over and over again hoping that it will work.  I look down and Jackson and Tucker are looking at me with horrified looks on their faces, covering their ears.  I keep saying, “I’m sorry guys…I’m so sorry!”  After a few minutes an older gentleman comes out of the bread store to try and help me.  We still can’t figure it out.  A lady comes out of the bread store.  She tells me to try turning the car on.  I give that a try but the alarm keeps going and then a couple of seconds later…it stops.  I’m thinking…thank you Lord..I am so embarrassed…I just want to get out of here!  Well, I go to put Luke in his seat, but realize his door is still locked so I hit the unlock button and guess what?  The alarm starts going again!  I want to cry…the boys want to cry…Jackson keeps saying, “I’m going to be late for golf, I’m going to be late for golf”…I want to ring his neck:)…and Luke is sitting in the front seat..on top of my buttered slice of bread…playing with the paper sack the loaf of bread was in…without a care in the world.:)

The older gentleman comes out again…He still has no solution for me, but I can just tell that he feels REALLY BAD FOR ME!  I keep pressing buttons, sticking my head under the dashboard looking at wires…like I even knew what I was looking at but I just wanted to pretend to be doing something.:)  The gentleman sees a couple of construction workers and goes over to ask them if they know anything about cars.  Just as they are walking over, a nail tech from the nail place next to the bread store walks out and says, “Put your key in the front passenger door and turn it.”  She was so confident and matter of fact I didn’t question it…I just did what she told me…and you know what…IT WORKED!

So there you go…if you own a Honda Odyssey and find yourself in my same predicament…put your key in the front passenger door…turn it…and save yourself some embarrasment!!



3 thoughts on “Alarmed…

  1. Oh my gosh Jenn…I have too many days like that when I feel like I must be the only crazy mom that embarasses herself. :) Jackson sounds just like Isabella. We rode bikes to school the other day because she has been asking to do it just like the girls down the street. The whole way over on our bikes, she’s mumbling about how they probably already started morning announcements or how everyone has probably already started morning work and how she’ll be late to school…and it was her idea! We even left early…but as the saying goes, there is never a dull moment in our family!

  2. zoe is just like jackson. i feel bad because too often i say something to relieve my stress and then she gets stressed and i feel worse than ever. she has stomach aches all the time from stress.

    i’m glad you got it all figured out! we have a honda odyssey too–but no alarms so i guess i will take that off the list of things for me (and zoe) to worry about.

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