…just read my friend Jennie’s blog.  My heart is heavy for a family I do not know who has suffered a great, unexpected loss…the heaviness joins what I was already feeling for some that I do know… some that I know and that I love… who are experiencing loss, separation, pain…for some it is a result of their own choices, for others they are the victims of another’s poor choices.  My heart is heavy and so I hear myself saying, “All I can do is pray.”   Why do I say that?  Prayer is not all I can do…it is what God is calling me to do.  It is a privilege to approach the throne of grace not fearfully, not timidly, but the Word says, confidently. So I am renewing my committment to pray early and to pray often.  There is nothing special about the words that I speak.  They alone are useless.  It is because of the almighty, all powerful, loving, just, and holy God that I pray to.  He alone can bring about the change, the healing, the peace, the redemption…He alone.  Thank you Father…



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