the playroom saga…

…there has been a never ending battle in this house…keeping the playroom clean!  Can anyone relate?  It has been something that had caused me so much frustration.  I would clean, organize, threaten, label…etc…etc…but the playroom could not stay clean for more than a day.  Last Saturday I had had enough and so I spent the entire day cleaning and purging the playroom.  I decided that I was going to get rid of  A LOT of toys.  My goal was to only keep the ones that they ACTUALLY played with.  I got some big black trash bags (so they couldn’t see what I was getting rid of:) and I got to work.  It took me until almost 6pm, but it was so worth it.  Everything has a place, there is actually plenty of room to play, they have not asked for a SINGLE item that I got rid of, and the best part…IT STAYED CLEAN ALL WEEK!:)  I told Galen that now I want to do the same thing with the rest of the house.

Simplicity…I love that word.:)




I need to remind the maid to clean the fingerprints off the TV…

Oh wait, I’m the maid;)



5 thoughts on “the playroom saga…

  1. your children are blessed to have such a nice playroom…my children played in their rooms…when it was time for them to pick up if they didn’t put their toys away i would confiscate (<–spell check please) the ones left out….they would get them back when their rooms passed inspection the next cleanup time…but of course they were school age…when they were preschoolers we would clean up together and sort together

  2. Way to go Jen! I would love to say that our play room had stayed clean all week! That would feel like such a triumph! Everytime I think I want to throw stuff away cause the older ones don’t play with it I think…mmm…will Jack play with this soon? So then I don’t get rid of it…..

  3. This was always a battle for us. Now, we turned the playroom and office into a master suite. Win-win for me :)
    They still struggle big time with their bedrooms. I would threaten to throw stuff away, but it’s usually piles of clothes from each girl changing 2-3 times a day. It drives me CRAZY!!

  4. Wow! The kids ARE growing – way too fast! I love Tuck’s hair, still so curly and red.
    As far as the playroom goes… looks awesome, but I can totally relate. However, I’m so grateful to now finally have a “playroom”! ;) Even if all the toys don’t stay organized or in it!

    God bless~ and come visit us sometime! Lovies

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