The ABC’s of Motherhood finale…

  • Q is for quality time…and the struggle to put down the laundry, the mop, the vacuum, and spend quality time with my kids.
  • R is for rest…looking forward to getting some in about 18 years.:)
  • S is for swings, and slides, and sunshine.  All three are enjoyed best with my kiddos.
  • T is for tantrums.  It’s not pretty when my kids decide to throw one…and mine aren’t so pretty either.:)
  • U is for umpire…as a mom I sometimes make the right call, sometimes the wrong call…thankful that God’s grace covers it all.
  • V is for van…REALLY didn’t want one, but I am SO THANKFUL for it now!:)
  • W is for work…the best, hardest, most frustrating but rewarding job I have ever had.
  • X is for X-ray vision…and all the other super powers we possess as moms!
  • Y is for years…how quickly they pass.
  • Z is for zeal…for the Lord and for His word…striving to be an example of that to my children.:)


Happy Mother’s Day…

To my mom– I love you.  I have been so blessed by your

example of Godly motherhood.  Thank you for your

investment in me,  for always believing in me,

for being my mother and my friend.

To my mother in law– I never want to take our relationship

for granted…it is a gift.  Thanks for raising such a wonderful son

and  for loving me like one of your own…I love you.

To my sister in laws and friends…fellow moms on the same journey…

you are doing a wonderful job…your children are blessed to

have you as a mother…God hand picked you just for them.

Motherhood is a high calling and at times a difficult one,

but what better place can we invest our time, our love,

our lives… than our children.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ll leave you with some words I love to live by…

“I was a perfect parent…until I had children.”:)


P.S.  Want to try your own ABC’s of motherhood?  If you do, let me know, I’d love to read it!


3 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Motherhood finale…

  1. I loved all of your ABC’s of Motherhood…I won’t even try because you described it all perfectly. Hope you had a blessed Mother’s Day…thanks for being a great sister-in-law! Love, Marie

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you so much too, and think you are such a Godly mother… we are so blessed to call you sister!You truly have a gift for writing …. that was so cool… it was an encouragement to me!

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