The ABC’s of Motherhood cont…

  • I is for instinct…almost always better than any parenting book out there.
  • J is for joy…its beauty is that it can be there regardless of circumstances.
  • K is for kisses…bedtime kisses, good morning kisses, “I’m so proud of you” kisses…
  • L is for life and the privilege of watching a new one come into the world four times.
  • M is for Mercy…given to me daily by the One who “gently leads those who have young.” (Is 40:11)
  • N is for “No” and trying to find the balance between not saying it too much but saying it enough…and teaching them to not say it to me…:)
  • O is for octopus…really jealous of that creatures 8 arms!
  • P is for prayer and potty training…the two go together right?  Both necessary, but one is a lot more enjoyable than the other.:)


Q-Z tomorrow…



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