In honor of Mother’s Day…

The ABC’s of Motherhood

  • A is for answering questions…lots and lots of questions
  • B is for bathtime…a freshly bathed child…does anything smell better?
  • C is for chaos wonderful, maddening, unpredictable chaos.
  • D is for diapers…Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, whatever’s on sale…:)
  • E is for entertainment committee…as in..”I’m not the entertainment committee.”
  • F is for fathers…don’t want to take my children’s for granted.
  • G is for God…how could I, why would I, want to do it without Him?
  • H is for hearts…my children’s hearts…and my prayer that Christ would reside, and reign in them.


Come back tomorrow for I-P…



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