It’s truly never a dull moment around here…

…Tucker’s T-ball practice ran late tonight so by the time we got home it was past bedtime. I quickly put Tucker and Mackenzie in the tub and ran to Tucker’s room to put something away. Then I hear, “Mommy”, “Mommy”, MOMMY!” “What Tucker?” “Um, I think I forgot to wipe.” “What?!” “I think I forgot to wipe, you better come in here right now.” So, I walk into the bathroom to find Tucker AND Mackenzie (poor thing:) sitting in bathwater with little “floaties.” YUCK!
I had no words…
Ahh, the glamorous life of a mom.


6 thoughts on “It’s truly never a dull moment around here…

  1. Oh Jenn…I’ve had this happen to me, too! I feel for you. I know how much work it takes to get that cleaned up…hope it doesn’t happen again for a long time!

  2. Is Tucker taking tips from Georgia? That’s something that seems to happen at our house, too! I’m so sorry it happened after such a long day! :) You can remind him of that story when he has little ones…

  3. Ewwwww…yes, what a glamorous life we have! I remember Abby and Caleb taking a bath together and laughing about a boat “Hahaha! Barbie is on a boat!”…I turned around to find Barbie riding on a poopie!

  4. Jenn, thank you for sending me your blog address. I have left my fingerprints all over your pages and have relished the time getting to know you better. As I read each post I could hear the sound of your voice — that made the visit all the more sweet! You have a precious family; however, I am especially drawn to Tucker because of his curly red hair and green eyes (or are they hazel?). His personality shines through in four diminsional joy! He drew my attention because he is the spitten image of the red headed, curly haired, green eyed, child of my dreams. When we began our family, I prayed for twins that fit that discription — silly me! Thankfully, God said no — but now I’m holding out hope for the grandchildren :0) If you don’t mind, I’m going to list you on my blogroll so I can return. Love, Yvette

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