a fool on april 1st I was…

…the night before April Fools Day Jackson told me that he had some really good ideas on how to “fool me” on April Fools Day.  I smiled and honestly didn’t give it much thought.:)  The next morning, Jackson left for school and I was running around like a crazy person trying to get the rest of us ready for Bible study.  Mackenzie asked for Raisin Bran for breakfast and so I quickly grabbed the box, a bowl, and a spoon.  As I’m pouring the cereal into the bowl I realize that Honeycomb cereal is coming out.  I check the box to make sure I grabbed the right one and yes, it’s the Raisin Bran box.  I cannot figure out what is going on.  Galen calls as this is all going on and I ask him if he was switching around cereal:)…and then it hit me…it’s April Fools Day…

too smart for his own good this seven year old is…:)


The best part was when we picked him up from school and Mackenzie told him what happened.  You should have seen the big smile on his face!:)  I still can’t figure out how he knew which two boxes to pick.  We have at least 10 boxes of cereal in our pantry.  Too funny.

happy Friday…



5 thoughts on “a fool on april 1st I was…

  1. Hi Jenn. I am laughing at your blog because Brady did the exact same trick at our house. Great minds do think alike:)

  2. Tell Jackson I’m stealing this idea for next year. It is a great idea!! I hate April Fool’s Day but maybe if I use this harmless, fun joke I will still get a little credit for being a fun mom.

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