…for this little boy.  I have never met this family.  I found Mckmamas blog through another blog…you know how it goes.  We share a few things  in common…her name is Jennifer, she has 4 kids (3 boys and a girl), her fourth child, Stellen, was born just a couple of weeks after Luke was born.  It is a long story that you can read on her blog, but basically Stellen’s heart was very sick when he was in utero…they were told that he would not live…but he did.  He was born without a trace of the heart condition that he once had…until last week.  This sweet baby has been in the hospital in very serious condition.  I just can’t seen to get  them off my mind.  I keep praying for his healing and for strength for his parents.  I can’t imagine the heaviness of their situation.  So if you have a minute…visit their blog and take a minute to pray.

Oh…and I’m going to stop complaining about the healthy little boy who is attached to my hip.



One thought on “pray…

  1. My heart just breaks. These are the stories that drive me to prayer….on my knees. I see his face and I see my own kids faces.

    I am not complaining anymore either.

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