…I just need to…I have a five month old that literally will not let me put him down for more than 5 minutes. I leave today to get a break (going to Wal-Mart with only Tucker is a break:). I feel bad the whole time I’m gone because I’ve left Galen with a fussy child. I get home and discover that Luke has slept the ENTIRE TIME I HAVE BEEN GONE!! Unbelievable!! Just feeling really mediocre today. I know I need to adjust my attitude, but all I want to do is scream…”It’s not fair!!”
Life’s not fair…I know…I grew up hearing it and I say it to my kids all the time.:) Just needed to get this off my chest. I know there are many of you that can relate.


5 thoughts on “Vent…

  1. jenn,

    i’m so sorry it has been rough. tate was like that too–hopefully luke will grow out of it soon (i have noticed that tate is a cuddly-type person–is that a silvery lining to this current dark cloud?).

  2. Jenn-
    we can totally relate to that…nathan was our fussy child that could not be put down, but he is our cuddly quiet child now that i would say is the easiest of the 3. I always thought God made babies so beautiful and irresistable so that we can’t be frusturated or mad at them too long. :)

  3. I wrote this long comment, which was some how just deleted… story of my life. In summary, my little boy is clinging to my leg right now, as always… It seems he must be with me every second of every day, even at night he wails for me to come get him! It doesn’t help he sleeps right beside me (in his crib)… Patty tells me Nate was her most cuddly child – cuddly is a nice way of putting it – it didn’t take him long to spread his wings and push away to become his own man. I try to remember that when my arms and back ache from toting around my wee little man. Love you, Love your honesty… Blessings from someone who understands all too well. ~liz

  4. Oh Jenn! You are totally allowed to vent! There are days (or months or years) like that. I can remember often being in tears when Cory would get home from work and within a couple of minutes, the kids were fine. I don’t know if it was me or them. But, it frustrated and exhausted me.
    Praying that you will find the time to be renewed and refreshed by the Lord.

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