longing for the sun…

…so it has been freezing here (translation for family and friends up north-below 50 degrees:) the last few days, and it has been raining, raining, raining. Although we desperately need the rain I am so ready to see the sunshine again! I miss it and I really miss being able to send the kids outside to play. This past week was Spring Break and unfortunately we had to spend most of it inside.
Just a little bit of what has been going on around here:

-Luke will be 5 months on Monday. It has gone by so fast! He is eating anything I feed him and loves to be in the middle of EVERYTHING! His smile is the best, and he is definitely the most popular member of our family right now!:)

-We are so looking forward to seeing my brother and his family, and my in-laws this week. They will both be in town and we are looking forward to celebrating Galen’s 34th birthday together.

-Mackenzie had been complaining about her finger hurting since Wednesday, but she never showed it to me. I never asked to see it because you know how it goes…with four kids…something is ALWAYS hurting! Well, I finally took a look at it yesterday and discovered that it was her thumb and that it was big and swollen and she has an infection around the nail bed! Mom of the year award…right??:)

-I sat down to sew for the first time in months!! I am making Mackenzie’s Easter dress and have been having so much fun. Have I told you how much I love to sew??

-We have a new favorite family game…it’s called Zingo and it is so much fun! If you do not have it…get it. We have probably played it 30 times this week. The kids love it.:)

Just a few pictures of our trip to Landa Park this week before the rain came.  It is a beautiful park about 30 minutes from here that has train rides, and multiple playgrounds.









Off to run some errands today…


3 thoughts on “longing for the sun…

  1. I am glad you all love Zingo! It has been my kids favorite game for a while now :) The picture are looking great! Looks like Landa Park was fun….we need to try that park out. We haven’t been there in a while.

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