store bought good…homemade bad…

See these cute cupcakes?


Jackson and I spent Thursday night making these for his Valentines party on Friday (I’m his room mom).  There were also store bought cupcakes at the party.  Guess which cupcakes were DEVOURED by the kids…the store bought ones!  Guess which ones were only eaten by a handful of kids…mine.:)

The moral of the story…Listen to your husband when he says, “Jenn, it would be a lot easier if you just picked some up at the store.”



12 thoughts on “store bought good…homemade bad…

  1. Jenn ~ your description of these only painted half the picture! They are darling! I can’t believe the kids picked the store-bought ones over yours; they must really like that frosting that stains your teeth! :) Hope you had a good day!

  2. You really are the ultimate MOM! I think they are great, I’ve seen those in the magazine and am so impressed… those kids didn’t know what they were missing:)

  3. Your cupcakes look awesome!! silly kids.

    and a 4:30 dinner together would be awesome. :) However, I don’t know how you even go out to eat with 4 kids! We can barely keep Annabelle contained.

  4. Your so funny Jen! I read the post to Nate because those words are all too familiar! You are also very talented and patient. After seeing your cupcakes, my respect for you has been taken to a whole new level. =)

  5. Jenn- you arer super mom all the way. 4 kids, one being an infant, and you’re STILL doing this stuff! They look so adorable and very yummy too!

  6. Drat–it’s sooooo annoying when the husbands are right about the homemade vs. store bought. What’s with that?!?! Remember when we were kids and turned up our noses at store bought. Ah, the times they are a changing!

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