…last night at our house went something like this:

10:30pm-go to bed

2:00am- Jackson comes to my side of the bed saying he has had a nightmare and is scared.  I’m delirious…I say, “just get in bed with us.”

3:30am- Luke wakes up…get up put his paci in.

3:45am-Luke up again…apparently paci did  not work.  Galen gets up and gets him… tells Jack to move over to Galen’s side of the bed… lays Luke next to me so I can nurse him…Galen leaves to go sleep in Jackson’s bed.

4:15am- Mackenzie comes into my room…says she is scared and does not want to sleep in her bed…wants to sleep on our floor.  I tell her that it is too cold to just sleep on the floor, she needs to go back to her bed…crying from Mackenzie.  Delirious and extremely tired I say, “okay, I’ll just go get you a blanket.”  Galen overhears this conversation and comes in the room…tells Mackenzie that he will go  and lay down with her in her bed (a very comfy queen size bed!).

**At this point I am wide awake and cannot go back to sleep…after about a half and hour I fall asleep…

5:15- Tucker comes stomping into the room…goes into our bathroom…opens up the toilet seat…goes potty…flushes LOUDLY…wakes up Luke…goes back to his bed and goes back to sleep.

I get up… nurse Luke and manage to 1 hour of sleep because Galen threatens the kids with bodily harm if they enter the room.:)

Praying for a more restful night tonight…



7 thoughts on “Unbelievable…

  1. Aaaaaah girl, I feel your pain! I seriously can’t remember the last time I got a full nights sleep! I’m relying on my beauty regiment to save my tired face. =) So shall we party at your crib or mine? hahahaa…

  2. I do hope you got some good rest this weekend!! I had to read this post aloud to my husband. It’s neat for us to get a glimpse of what a family 4 really looks like!

  3. Oh! I sure hope you have had a better nights sleep this weekend! Love those glimpses of the reality of life…. much love and sleep to you all!

  4. Oh my, Jenn! I so ennoy reading your blog. You are a great writer and help me to remember the little joys of parenthood! These types of nights are so hard! :)

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