I remember…

…that a few months after the birth of each one of my 3 older kids I found myself asking…”What have I gotten myself into?”:)  It is a strange mix of “I can’t imagine my life without this baby” and “This baby is A LOT of work”.  I find myself in that same place again.


So I am going to make the choice to remember that I survived and that in the blink of an eye Jackson is now 7…


Tucker is almost 4…


and Mackenzie is 5.  I know the truth of the statement that the days seem like an eternity, but the years fly by so quickly.:)  Luke’s name means “Bringer of Light and Truth” and his birth has reminded me of the truth that I desperately need my savior every moment of every day.  In the overwhelming moments… He is the “lifter of my head”…when I lose my temper and I hang my head in shame…He is the “lifter of my head”…extending grace and mercy…reminding me that He has been there and He knows.

But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.  Psalm 3:3

thankful today…



4 thoughts on “I remember…

  1. Kids have an amazing knack at reminding us how much we need the Lord. I didn’t even realize I could lose my temper until I had kids. It truly is a humbling experience.

  2. Thank you for reminding me about those hard times as a mommy when our Father is there to lift up our heads! I needed that today! Thanks!

  3. I needed this really badly today. I’ve been having a hard time and it’s nice to relate to someone. :) I love that reminder! Thank you Jennifer!

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