How cute are these two…



It has actually been cold here in South Texas.  Tucker and Mackenzie still wanted to play outside…so I bundled them, sent them outside, and 5 minutes later they were back in the house!  :)  The important thing however was getting of picture of them looking so cute in their hats and gloves.  Yes, Mackenzie has two different gloves on.:)  I finished our Christmas letter today and hope to have them mailed out tomorrow.  A BIG check off the list!  Hope your week is starting well.



6 thoughts on “How cute are these two…

  1. Oh my goodness! They are too cute! I am waiting for the weather to cool off here again. Only 3 days ago we had highs in the low 60’s. Today was a high of 80!!! That does NOT feel like Christmas time.

  2. very, very cute. and weird. we have the kids bundled up so much you can barely see them. but cute, cute (love mackenzie’s coat!).

    when will we see more pictures of luke?

    congrats on the cards–you beat me!

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