…to get to spend some time with Galen’s family in Nebraska.  We are heading to Houston tonight to stay with my brother and then we fly out in the morning.  It is a non-stop flight from Houston…which will be so much easier with the kids.  I had some pictures to post, but my laptop with my pictures is giving us problems.:(  Hoping to post while we are away…



3 thoughts on “thankful…

  1. So glad to hear that Luke is feeling better…and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I’ll keep you all in my prayers as you travel over the holidays!! Miss ya!

  2. Wow…I haven’t checked out your blog since you had Luke and I can’t believe you have time to blog, take pictures, etc. Way to go!!! Your kids are beautiful. I was posting a comment because I can’t find my address book and so I can’t get ahold of anyone who lives outside of my cell phone. I was wondering if you were going to be in Hastings over Christmas. We will be in Hastings for 1 1/2 days checking out a job. I was thinking if you were going to be there maybe we could see you for a little bit. Let me know. I think you have my email. I see it now to the left of this comment, but don’t know if you see that or not. Just in case….it’s Later…Mary

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