that’s what her daddy calls her.:) 


…and today she is five years old.  Happy Birthday Mackenzie Ruth!


I am so grateful to have you as my daughter.  Little did I know five years ago that you would be my only opportunity for pink, and bows, and dollies, and “girl’s days.”  I am so glad that God chose me to be your mommy.  One of the things I love the most about you is that you are so much like your daddy…kind, peacemaker, thoughtful…:)

Watching you become a big sister again has been so much fun.  You love Luke so much and you a such a big helper to mommy.  

My prayer for you is that you would grow up knowing how precious you are to me and to daddy, but most importantly that you would know how precious you are to your heavenly Father.  There is no greater joy in life than loving and serving Him.  

I love you baby girl…



6 thoughts on “Poodle…

  1. Happy Birthday sweet Mackenzie! Hope you have a special day today and a fun time at your party! We love you so much and are so proud of the little girl you are becoming. Blessings!

    ~Uncle Jake, Aunt Marie, Isabella, Nathan and Maddie

  2. Did you make that dress for her? What a beautiful girl, from the inside out. Hope you have fun celebrating Mackenzie today.

  3. Happy Birthday Mackenzie! We hope you feel extra special today and we are sending you our love from NE! Uncle Sean, Aunt Lindsey, Evan, Bryce, Hadley, & Kellen

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