…Last Tuesday (thanks to early voting in Texas), I had the privilege of casting my vote in the election.  It is a privilege to live in this nation… it is a privilege to be able to vote… it is a privilege to teach my children about the freedom we enjoy in this country, that men and women have given their lives to protect.  I cast my vote for the man that I believe will fight hardest to protect our country…for the man who believes in the the value of a human life and that every human life begins at conception.  I cast my vote with confidence…however, my true confidence lies in this…

…that regardless of the outcome of this election when I wake up tomorrow my God will still be God.  He will still be on His throne, and He will not be “shocked” by the outcome.  He will still be in control and He will still have my name written on the palm of His hand.   

I am still confident of this:

 I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  

Ps 27:13-14


**for a great quote this election day go here. (thanks Sherilyn:)


2 thoughts on “confidence…

  1. Thanks Jenn! I loved that quote too. It said exactly what I have been unable to articulate. Thanks for your post. When I find myself getting all worked up (Yes, Sam did remove all razors, drugs and alcohol from the house as he is gone tonight!), I take a deep breath and remember the awesome God we serve!!

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