crazy day…

…went to my doctor’s appointment this morning at 9:30am and was not let go until 3:00pm.  My blood pressure was high again and when they couldn’t get it down in the doctor’s office they sent me to labor and delivery and I spent 4 hours hooked up to the monitors.  This was not how I was expecting to spend my day, but I’m thankful that they are wanting to be careful and make sure that the baby and I are healthy.  So…I have an induction scheduled for 6:00am Thursday morning (my due date).   I’m excited and very ready to meet this little guy.  Can’t wait to post some pictures…who knows maybe we’ll have another red head.:)

…be back as the mother of 4



7 thoughts on “crazy day…

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Checking regularly to see if there is news. What a day! Loved the photos on your last post. Tucker’s hair is incredible – I just love it. The other kiddos are looking adorable as always – and YOU – beautiful!

    Sending much love and I’ll be praying for you…


  2. so glad you and baby are ok…i thought you were supposed to be taking it easy??? good luck tomorrow a.m….can’t wait to see if you get another red head!!

  3. Jenn, I’m so excited for you guys! I can’t wait to hear all about him, especially the name. Good luck and tell the kids I say hello.

  4. I am up and it is 6:00am right now! I am so excited that your son is on his way to being in one of the greatest families ever. Praying for you right now! (BTW-our youngest boys share a birthdate).

  5. I am anxiously awaiting the call about our new little nephew, I can’t wait to hear who he looks like and what his name will be! Praying for a safe and speedy delivery! Love you!

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