…well, I have been anti-blog all week because I keep thinking…maybe tomorrow will be the day when I can title my post…”He’s Here” or “It’s a Boy!”…but so far, no such luck.:)  He just seems to be very content in my belly for a little longer.  I’m just going to keep busy and do some walking and hope that he will come soon.

It has been a really great week.  Here’s what’s been going on:

  • Our dear friends (just like family), Bo and Lauren welcomed their 3rd daughter, Evelyn Grace, on Monday.  I got to see her on Tuesday and she is absolutely beautiful!  It made me so excited to meet our new little guy.  
  • On Wednesday, on the way to golf, Jackson says…”Hey mom, my tooth just came out.”  He was totally calm.  It was an almost bloodless, non-event.  Of course the first thing he did when we came home was put it under his pillow, and thank God the “tooth fairy” remembered on her way to bed at 11:15pm.:)
  • Tucker and Mackenzie had a great day at preschool on Thursday.  About 10 fireman and two firetrucks came to the school.  They got to get in the trucks, use the hose, and learn about fire safety.  The best part was when one of the trucks got a call and they had to quickly leave.  The kids thought it was so cool!  I wish I would have been there to take pictures, but I was having lunch with Jackson at his school.  
  • I crossed some major things off my “to-do” list.  It feels really good.
  • And, with the help of my mom, my house is looking cleaner than ever.  She even cleaned my couches!  Thanks Mom…what would I do without you!:)

Have a wonderful weekend.  Hope to be back soon with some baby news…



4 thoughts on “Okay…

  1. Hang in there, Jenn…he’ll be here before you know it!! I’m doing well…kinda the same story as you – just gotta slow down a bit.

  2. Keep walking:) That little guy is just waiting for “his” special day…. we’re praying for you all and can’t wait to hear from you!!

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