Backyard fun…

Well…not everyone can have fun ALL the time…

Switch to a little game of Simon Says…”Simon says jump!”

“Simon says stick out your tongue”


“Simon says put your hands up”

“My turn to be Simon”:)

Big hug from Daddy…

On another note…

Jackson has been DYING to lose a tooth.  It seems like every kid he knows has lost one if not more (his best buddy Daniel has lost 5!).  So, about two weeks ago he came home from school and told me to look in his mouth.  Well, he had a tooth growing in behind a baby tooth.  I told him that it probably wouldn’t be long before the baby tooth was loose.  He was thrilled and yesterday he came home from school so excited because the tooth was FINALLY LOOSE!  He wanted me to take a picture.:)

Can’t wait until it is time for him to actually pull the tooth out.  This kid’s pain tolerance is about zero and he’s not a big fan of blood.  Maybe the $ will be a big enough motivation!:)

Happy Saturday…


P.S.  Still waiting for baby…:)


4 thoughts on “Backyard fun…

  1. both of zoe’s grown-up teeth came in behind her baby teeth. it was very freaky to me. the dentist says it is normal, but i had never seen it before. she said the top teeth can come in in front of the baby teeth! how freaky would that be? anyway, hope he loses one soon!

  2. Hi Jenn! I haven’t checked your blog in a LONG time obviously because I didn’t know of your pregnancy! :) I’m jumping on the excitement bandwagon for you just in time! ha!
    I so hugely loved reading your blog entries… very honest, encouraging, challenging, and just real. Love it! Thanks for letting us have a peek into your sweet family’s life! Hope these last 2 wks. fly by for you as you wait to welcome your precious new boy!
    love, Sarah Hume
    PS- Such such cute kiddos you have!!

  3. Cute pictures.

    I am one of those weird moms that cannot stand to leave a loose tooth in a mouth. I try to do anything I can to get them to pull it out. And, if it is loose enough, I might just go in there myself to get it.

  4. Jenn~ I’m sure by now Jackson has lost his tooth…but there’s a great book called Molly and the Slow Teeth, by Pat Ross that would be great to read. So cute!

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