banana muffins…

…first day of fall and even though it doesn’t feel like it…I thought we would just pretend.:)  I thought we would do a little baking today.  I had some ripe bananas and so I thought banana muffins would be a yummy treat.  Mackenzie and Tucker love to help me cook, but I really have to “gear up” when they are going to help me.  I just dread the mess, but I decided to go ahead with it.  Here’s how it went:


  • Took turns mashing the bananas.
  • Tucker’s job was to put in the baking powder.  As I looked away and reached for the measuring  spoons I hear, “yum sugar” and turn to see him lick his finger, dip it in the baking powder and take a big lick!  The look on his face said it all, and then he precedes to spit.
  • Pick him up, take him to the sink to rinse his hands and give him  a drink.  I tell him not to put his hands into any of the ingredients.
  • Put him back on his chair, turn to get a dishcloth, turn back around and see him sticking his whole hand into the baking powder and spilling it.  Seriously…this child is 3 1/2…he understood EVERY WORD  that I had just said to him!
  • Clean him up again, give him a stern warning.
  • Proceed with the rest of the recipe.
  • Finish with all the ingredients.  Tell them they can take turns mixing the batter.  Mackenzie starts, passes it to Tucker.
  • He starts to stir and then lifts the spoon, full of batter, up to his nose to smell.  I tell him not to do that…it might spill.
  • Turn around to get the muffin pan, turn back around to see him lifting the batter filled spoon to his nose AGAIN and watch the batter spill on the counter and my newly mopped kitchen floor!
  • Finish muffins without Tucker!
  • Next time I’m going to start with a word of prayer.:)

The muffins, however, were very yummy! 



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