Because I’m sure you have been dying to find out…

…this one is FINALLY potty trained!

Last Thursday morning he crawled into bed with Galen (I was waking Jackson up) and within minutes peed in our bed.  Let’s just say that it went through everything…duvet cover, down comforter, sheets, mattress pad, and mattress.  Just how I wanted to start my day!  Needless to say, I was NOT happy and he knew it.  After I got him cleaned up, he had to sit in his room by himself for a long time and think about it…well I don’t know what he thought about, but he hasn’t had an accident since.  He’s been at preschool twice a week and done fine.  He tells me when he needs to go, and sleeps all night in undies.  Such a battle of the will!  Poor kid…he doesn’t realize that his mother is way more stubborn than he is.:)



6 thoughts on “Because I’m sure you have been dying to find out…

  1. I would have loved to see Galen’s face when he realized what Tucker was doing! I bet that was funny (even though it made a mess to clean up). Glad he has finally gotten the hang of it!!

  2. I once read an article called “How to potty train in one week for 75.00”. It turns out you let them run around naked for a week (easy to potty when the need hits) and at the end of the week spend 75.00 having your carpets cleaned. Ha! I love it when they figure out the whole toilet thing!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! Our Jack is just starting to show signs of being ready. Gulp! You can pray for us as someone who just came through it.

    Good to find you in the blog-o-sphere!

  4. Tell Tucker we’re proud of him! Love the story:) This last boy will be a breeze! Boys and the potty…!!! Love to you all.

  5. Congratulations Tuckie! Nathan just got potty trained as well in the last two weeks! What a relief until you realize how often they were actually going in their pull up. It seems like we are in and out of the bathroom all day long!

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