Dear Texas…

…I would like to introduce you to something new.  It’s called Fall.  It’s the time of year when it stops being 95 degrees everyday and instead of humidity there is a cool breeze.  Leaves turn beautiful colors and pregnant women can stop dripping with sweat just because they walked out to their car!  I thought I would introduce you and maybe, just maybe you can become friends.  I can dream…



4 thoughts on “Dear Texas…

  1. You are too cute, Jenn! I agree with you 100 percent and I’m only 5 months along!!! UGH…I just want to wake up to 60 degrees!

  2. So this afternoon I cooked up the season’s first pot of soup and was thinking of you and this post. Truth is I’m not quite ready for the season change. I know what follows :) Hang in there – and remember – you’ll be the one giving an understanding smile later when I writing about the woes of waiting for spring.

    Much love to you in the land down under!

  3. I agree completely, Jenn! I am loving the rain right now, but not so much the humidity. I’m pretty sure my hair is about as big as it can be right now…no taming this mane! We’ll see you guys in the morning!

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