…on how to get this one potty trained…

If I ask him every 15 minutes, we’re fine.  However…left to his own devices he would rather just hide and “get the job done!”  Anyone have any brilliant ideas that have worked for your kiddos?  We are desperate!

happy friday…



3 thoughts on “Advice???

  1. i have just heard over and over again about how hard it was to train ME (i know SO hard to believe). my mom finally said that we wouldn’t be able to go out to eat with my dad (he traveled for work) if i didn’t do it. so it wasn’t like i got a reward for doing it, i would have missed out on something fun for not doing it. have you tried a chart?

  2. Potty training totally didn’t work for Linus until I focused on creating an incentive to earn special privileges and made accidents somewhat inconvenient for him. I picked something that he REALLY likes, in his case, watching t.v. or a movie and I told him that everytime he went potty he earned the privilege of watching 10 minutes of whatever he wanted. That meant that there was absolutely NO t.v. on at all during this period until he used the potty, plus watching only 10 minutes made him really want to watch more so there was even more incentive to go potty again. I gave him salty snacks to make him thirsty and tons of what he likes to drink (juice and chocolate milk) so that he had to go often and I only reminded him of his priviledge (I didn’t remind him to go potty, so he would think of that on his own). I also found that if I put him in pull-ups he would absolutely go in them no matter what, so I told him no more diapers at all and went completely cold turkey and put him in underwear so that he would know immediately when or if he had an accident. It was tough cleaning up the periodic messes, but it worked. Target has plastic pants or cloth training pants that you can put over undies so that not much gets on the floor. Also, everytime he had an accident I would have him go back and sit on the toilet for several minutes with no toys to play with, not at all as a punishment, but I told him it was to get him used to being there and also to (secretly) create an inconvenience for him and to get in his head how much easier it would have been just to use the toilet in the first place. It took maybe a week or two of the reward system and he got it. Not that he still doesn’t have some accidents, but it at least got him in the habit of going himself. Hope this helps! :)

  3. I found this website that has a downloadable “potty training manual”. It’s $7, which is not much. It sounds too good to be true, but the link to the website was on I figured that they wouldn’t let some bogus person advertise on there. Here is the link. If you do it let me know how it works for you. Kelsey just turned 2 a few weeks ago and I tried potty training for one day, but then she started yelling “NOOOOO” at me every time I would mention the potty. So, we are holding off on the hard core training right now.

    Connor had accidents with poop FOREVER (it seemed at least)! We did a sticker chart. After he got to whatever number he would get a new Thomas train or matchbox car. Inexpensive. It did work, but still took a few months.

    Good luck!

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