…a conversation I had with Mackenzie two days ago while we were driving and I was listening to talk radio:

M- “Barack Obama…what’s Barack Obama?”

J- “Barack Obama is the name of a man that is running for president.”

M- “President…you mean like George Washington?”

J-  “Well, George Washington was our first president.  Do you know who our president is right now?”

M- “Yeah…George W. Bush”

J-  “You’re right.  Well, his turn to be president is almost over and so there are two men who are now wanting to be president of the United States.  One is Barack Obama and the other one is John McCain.”

M-  “Ummmm…I think I want John McCain to be president.”

J- “Oh Kenzie, your daddy would be so proud.”:)



2 thoughts on “funny…

  1. That’s great! Speaking of, did you happen to catch Barack giving his running mate’s wife a big kiss last night? I can’t believe it hasn’t been covered anywhere today. I thought it was hilarious! They obviously misjudged their embrace.

  2. I love that girl!!! What great intuition she has! :-)

    The other day Claremarie asked me who I was going to vote for and I said why do you want to know and she said, “I think you should vote for Obama. It says on tv that he is for change in America.” I’m going to miss Claremarie. I hope she finds some place to live.

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