Back to School Dinner…

…saw this idea on another blog and loved it so we decided to give it a try.  Jackson starts school tomorrow and Mackenzie and Tucker start next week so we decided to have a special family dinner to celebrate a new year in school…

Galen and I picked a “family motto” for this year and a verse…

It was fun to hear how the kids wanted to encourage one another, their teachers, cousins, and friends.  One of the biggest highlights was drinking sparkling grape juice from a “real glass cup” and saying “cheers” after Daddy toasted to “the best looking kids in all of Texas and the world!”

We each picked a “goal” for ourselves for this school year.  Galen and I took the liberty of choosing Tucker’s… for him to master the fine art of GOING POTTY!

It was a fun night…

And because I’m a big believer in “keeping it real”…here is what my kitchen floor looked like behind that pretty table…:)



5 thoughts on “Back to School Dinner…

  1. What a great idea! We may have to give that a try next year…the table looks great. The kids must have thought it was such a treat! It makes me feel better to see that pile of laundry! Praying for Jackson to have a great first day in 1st grade! Love you all-Marie :)

  2. What a neat idea for a family tradition. I would like to try it!
    Great to know that Jackson had an “awesome” first day of school. What a blessing for him, mom, & dad.
    Thanks for sharing the verse in Samuel too. What a great verse.

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