like father…like daughter…











  • They’re both second children.
  • They both LOVE steak.  She’d choose to eat at Outback Steakhouse every night if we let her. :)
  • When we get in the van she asks Galen if he’ll put on her “rock songs”.  Her current favorite is David Cook’s American Idol version of “Hungry Like a Wolf”.  You should see her rock out in her car seat.  It makes her Daddy so proud, and her brothers think it is hilarious!
  • They are “nap buddies”.  She hates taking a nap by herself and very easily can talk her Daddy into taking a nap with her!
  • They are both peacemakers, servants, and have incredibly kind hearts.

I’m so blessed that she is so much like her Daddy…


P.S.  “mini-galen” and I are heading on a girls trip with Lauren, Mia, and Georgia.  Mia and Mackenzie are going to be doing a week long day camp together.  I’ll be back on Friday…


4 thoughts on “like father…like daughter…

  1. What a dear and precious relationship the two of them have together. Galen couldn’t ask for a sweeter little princess and Mackenzie has one of the most loving dads!

  2. I do have to say, Outback is the best! I love the new Blue Cheese chopped salad!!! Sometimes I have a craving for it. Weird. I should go and get a full size one and call it a day.

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