Cooking Day…

…my niece Isabella is here staying with my parents for a few days.  She came to spend the day with us today and so we decided to do something fun…cooking.  

We started by making some aprons.  Every good chef needs an apron…

Then we started the cooking!  We melted some white and milk chocolate and the kids dipped to their hearts content…strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and marshmallows.

Then we moved on to donuts…yummy!










And then… just so I didn’t have mom guilt…we made some healthy smoothies…

…Of course the best part was eating what we made!  Thanks Jake and Marie for sharing Isabella with us.  We had a great day!



3 thoughts on “Cooking Day…

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing pictures of your day together! We miss her so much, but are thrilled she’s having fun and was able to make it! She’s lucky to have such a creative aunt-she’ll never want to come home now! Love you all!

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