a pleasant surprise…

…after a summer full of hearing “I’m bored” and answering with my standard, “It’s a choice to be bored.  There are plenty of things to do.”  I was pleasantly surprised to turn around from making dinner and see this…

On their own, everyone had found something to do…amazing!  Of course 5 minutes after these pictures were taken Tucker started crumbling up his papers and throwing them at Jackson, but for those five whole minutes…it was lovely!:)



5 thoughts on “a pleasant surprise…

  1. Look how cute they are sitting around the table together. Everytime I heard that phrase this summer I made C & C do some kind of chore. Slave labor….can’t beat it!!

  2. I can’t believe they were entertained long enough for you to get the camera and come back to snap some pics! Good for them. I have heard a lot of the “I’m bored” this Summer as well. I like your response. I may have to try that.

  3. I’m going to try that phrase next time I hear those words too! I always made them go outside when they said that and today it didn’t work since it is raining!

  4. Great comeback line! That is soon to become my newest mommy answer. We had a rough, attitude day (me and the kids) yesterday but today was great. Amazing how a new day can make everyone a little happier and more patient. I can just imagine how happy you were to see your little angels contentedly doing activities at the table!

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