…after a sleepover with her buddy Mia where both girls were up at 4:40am…(Sorry Lauren!:)…

…and then a full morning of swimming.  She told me that she was NOT tired and she did NOT need a nap.  This is what happened just a few minutes into Backyardigans…

She finally gave in and fell asleep.  She has been so distraught at nap time lately.  She keeps telling me that she can’t wait until she’s five and she goes to kindergarten because then she WON’T HAVE TO TAKE A NAP!  

Sweet girl…wants to be so grown up…but I think I’ll keep her little for a while.:)



2 thoughts on “sleep…

  1. Jordan just had a sleep-over on Friday night and the boys were up until midnight and awake the next morning at 7! How do they do it?

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