Something funny…

…that happened yesterday at the doctor’s office.  Galen was trying to calm Mackenzie down, get her mind off the fact that this new baby was indeed a boy.  He said to her, “Mackenzie, Daddy wants us to go out to lunch after we are done and I want you to pick where we are going!”  She continues to cry, not sure if that really makes her feel any better and then through her tears and in a very whiny voice says, “Okay, I want to go to….now what would most 4 year olds say…  McDonalds, Wendys, Chick Fil A, etc…not Mackenzie….”I want to go to La Peep!”  Have I trained this girl well or what?  It’s all about the yummy, girly places to eat lunch, and Daddy was not about to say “no” to his one and only princess!:)



4 thoughts on “Something funny…

  1. How cute! I can just see the look on Galen’s face when she said that! We are so excited about another nephew! I was wrong about the sex, but God doesn’t make mistakes and a child is a blessing regardless! Love ya!

  2. So excited to hear that we have a new nephew on the way! We know Mackenzie is disappointed but she will be a wonderful big sister once again. Glad to hear that everything looks good from the ultrasound.
    God is so good and He has such wonderful plans for this little guy. We love you and pray for a healthy second half of the pregnancy.

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