…a story I read yesterday about mothers in Haiti making “mud cookies” for their kids to eat because they have nothing else to feed them.  To be honest I didn’t even know how to process that information…anger, sadness, helplessness, a sick feeling in my stomach…and then it hit me and I felt such shame…How often do I complain that I HAVE to make dinner for my family.  I take for granted the fact that every night I have the resources to provide a meal that fills my family.  I cannot imagine the heartbreak and hopelessness that I would feel as a mother to know that my children were hungry and I could not feed them.  

I know this is only one example of something that goes on everyday all across our world.  I believe I came across this story for a reason.  Maybe just to wake me up from my selfishness, but hopefully for something more.  This Mother’s day as I am celebrating with my family I also want take some time to lift up in prayer the mother’s across this world who are suffering.  Mother’s who would consider it a dream come true to be able to cook dinner for their families everyday.  

Sovereign Lord…When I think about situations like these all I can do is rest in the knowledge that You see, and that You know, and that Your heart breaks to see your children suffering.  The day will come when You will make all things right…Come quickly Lord.



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