Potty training and a funny story…

…so potty training has not gone well.  Call it Tucker’s lack of interest or my lack of motivation, but it is not happening!  I know it will happen…eventually!

Funny Story:

Jackson gets out of the shower and the following conversation takes place…

  • Mackenzie: “Jackson, you look so sparkly and clean.”
  • Jackson:  “I know, I just took a shower.”
  • Mackenzie:  “Did you scrub your pits?”  (a question Galen loves to ask Jackson:)
  • Jackson:  “YES!  Smell them.”
  • Mackenzie:  “Okay.”  And then she precedes to stick her nose into each of her brothers armpits and smell them.  “Mmmm, they smell good.”

This is a moment that I want to be sure to remember to tell them when he’s 16 and she’s 14…:)

Happy Friday,



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