…I know I’ m their mom, but aren’t they beautiful?

                              p3260023.jpg          p3260022.jpg         

 p3260021.jpg           p3260024.jpg   

p3260018.jpg          p3260019.jpg

p3260020.jpg          p3260025.jpg

Have a great Thursday!





3 thoughts on “Beautiful…

  1. Too too cute-I have this great pic of Tuck that I think I will post on my blog with his cape and pirate hat on and he’s making a pirate face. With that red hair, it’s perfect! Can’t wait to see what baby #4 will look like, but I’m sure he/she will add so much to the family and be the perfect addition.

  2. They are precious in every way! I love seeing your day to day happenings in pictures. It makes me feel like we are a little closer (although the weather looks a little different..hmmm). I’m already curious what beauty number four will add to the pictures!

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