My “little” back up…


…is all of four years old…


…on Monday morning I woke up feeling terrible.  I was completely exhausted

and just could not get out of bed.  So while Galen was quickly getting ready for work

guess who made breakfast for her brothers?  Now breakfast consisted of frozen waffles,

but regardless, she put the waffles in the toaster and when they popped up she put

them each on a plate and served them to her brothers.  It was precious!

The best part was when I asked her who made breakfast she said, “me” with a smile from ear to ear.

So grateful for her today…


P. S.  Don’t you love the wild hair??


4 thoughts on “My “little” back up…

  1. She couldn’t be any sweeter… what a servant! Give her a hug from me ( the boys too!) love you! Linds

  2. She is so sweet! :) Isn’t it awesome how God created little girls to have those mommy instincts early on?

  3. Too sweet! This is what I love about having a girl as my oldest. They just have that “mothering” thing about them. Morgan makes breakfast for all her siblings every morning and it is a great help to me!

  4. I know what you mean Marie. Kelsey is only 19 months and is such a big helper “mommy” at day care. Like, she will pick up the pacifiers for the babies and put them back in their mouths. So sweet! Can’t wait till she can cook! I was making scrambled eggs at 3, so it shouldn’t be long! :-)

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