…are my “day off.”  Which means that everyone is in school and I have 5 lovely hours to myself.:)  It was particularly hectic this morning and I was just happy when I finally had everyone, and everything that they needed, packed in the van.  We got to the preschool…I opened the door to get Tucker out and…he had NO SHOES ON!  Talk about Mommy brain!  So…I took him into his class, explained the situation to his teachers, (they got a good laugh) and said I would be right back with a pair of shoes.  Now, unfortunately, the preschool is 20 minutes from our house and so going all the way home was not really that practical.  Instead I headed over to the Payless Shoe Source that is 5 minutes from the preschool and by the grace of God found a pair of tennis shoes on clearance for $6!:)  Isn’t God good…He even steps in in cases of “mommy brain.” :)jenn 


One thought on “Thursdays…

  1. That’s great! I have experienced something similar. The only difference is that it was my 7 year old and she is responsible for getting her own shoes on. She got in the van, we got to the RESTAURANT and no shoes! I wish I could say this was a one time occurance. However, this has happened a number of times with Avery. She also has forgotten her purse, jacket, Bible, and p.j.’s (when she is spending the night somewhere). So, I guess it’s not always “mommy brain”. Sometimes, it’s good ole’ fashioned “kid brain”.

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