…I have been thinking a lot about grace lately.  The Lord has been showing me that it is His desire that my first response be grace…grace towards my husband, my children, my friends, my church body, total strangers.  Grace has been on my heart and in the forefront of my mind for days and today I came across this… 

 The more I reflect on Jesus’ parables concerning grace, the more tempted

I am to apply the word atrocious to describe the mathematics of the gospel.

I believe that Jesus gave us these stories to call us to step completely outside

our tit-for-tat world of ungrace and enter into God’s realm of infinite grace.

If I care to listen, I hear a loud whisper from the gospel that I did not get what

I deserved.  I deserved punishment and got forgiveness.  I deserved wrath and

got love.  I deserved debtors prison and got instead a clean credit history.  I

deserved stern lectures and crawl-on-your-knees repentance.  Instead, I got a

banquet spread for me.

Philip Yancey

 Longing to be a “banquet spreader” too…





3 thoughts on “Grace…

  1. Great reminder. Thanks. I am such a rule follower that it is easy for me to be judgemental of the people around me when I should offer them grace.

  2. Definitely something for me to think about especially because I’ve been steaming about my kid’s schools lately. I just need to let go of the little things and look up to Him. Thank you for reminding me of this…I don’t read your blog daily, but I’m so blessed when I do and for your willingness to share your godly wisdom.

  3. Hi Jenn-
    Thanks for sharing, great reminder for me too! Hope you all are doing well, send our love to Galen and the kids!

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