This has been so much fun…

…your guesses as to what my “life changing event” might be have made me smile.  However, it is not as life changing as a new baby or a job and no I did not go blonde…BUT…it does have to do with my hair… This is the before…p1310432.jpg and this is the after…p1310431.jpgp1310430.jpg 10 inches gone…off to Locks of Love.  I have to admit I had grown quite attached to my hair, but I am happy with the result and am so glad to help such a wonderful cause. As I was getting ready this morning I began thinking about my cousin Christine.  At the age of 19 she was diagnosed with Leukemia and lost her battle when she was only 21.  She was so beautiful, and talented and was always so kind to me even though I was 7 years younger than her.  I’ll never forget the day she took me and another cousin shopping and we tried on formal dresses and got to ride in her really cool car. :)  I also remember, after losing her hair, seeing her for the first time with her wig and thinking how beautiful she was…I’m dedicating this to you Christine…I love you and look forward to seeing you one day in heaven…Jenn:)


13 thoughts on “This has been so much fun…

  1. Jenn,
    I didn’t realize your hair had gotten so long! It was so beautiful-and even better now that it has gone to such a wonderful cause! Your new haircut looks great on you and you look different since we saw you last-sigh-we miss the kids…

  2. as always, you look gorgeous. i like the new ‘do–it suits you. i agree, that is a great cause. thanks for your sacrifice!

  3. You look great Jenn! Someone will feel so beautiful b/c of your sacrifice! Cute cut and style too! I’ve been just recently checking your blog… sorry I’m not on top of all this stuff these days… one day I’ll be better at it! Love ya!!

  4. I am writing this with tears in my eyes, and so much love in my heart. What a beautiful way to remember your cousin. She was a very special person to all of us, and so are you. Our love and prayers for God’s continued blessings to you, Galen, Jackson, Mackenzie, & Tucker.

  5. Jenn-
    You are such a beautiful person-with long hair or without. I sit here and weep as I read about your donation and the beautiful words to your cousin.

  6. Jenn,
    I didn’t know about your cousin, but what a blessing you gave for a beautiful cause and in her honor. I was blessed to see your haircut pretty soon afterward, and I thought it was so cute that Galen came by my house to see it as soon as he could. I think you look beautiful!

  7. Hi Jenn,
    This does inspire me. I think I’m about 1.5 inches away from donating my locks. However, each day, I get a little closer to snadbagging and just cutting it anyway. You inspire me to just keep growing a little longer.

    BTW–it looks great!!!!

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